Warming Hearts, Lifting Spirits

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Warming Hearts, Lifting Spirits


Our team just had our monthly gathering last night. This monthly gathering has been going on for more than 15 years.

The idea is simple. As network marketers, we are a motley bunch of people working at different locations, with different groups of people, at different times. Sometimes, it is hard to feel there is a larger team out there or even a team at all.

So, this monthly potluck dinner was started so that we and our families could get together to chillax over our favourite foods, have a bit of fun, do some brief sharing, encourage one another, and get to know each other’s families.

Sounds simple, right?

Yes. But, to have it happen month after month with attendees, food and a meaningful programme is not as simple as it appears. Perhaps not complicated but certainly not a no-brainer.

The sense of ownership is key. As is having the core team set the example; for instance, to be the first to arrive and the last to leave, to plan the programme, invite people, bring the most food, talk to guests, and so forth.

Why did we end up doing this month after month? Because people derived a sense of gratification when they touched someone and gave value to others. Each month, magic happens when hearts are warmed, spirits are lifted, stomachs are filled… when laughter fills the air and people feel care. A powerful energy fills the atmosphere every time.

Out of the mouth of babes comes truth or wisdom” is perhaps the best way to understand the magic that happened last night. My young friend, Edlyn, is all of 8 years old. Last night was her first time at this gathering which had the theme ‘Heroes’. When the meeting ended, she said to me: “Aunty Hwee Suan, I learnt so much tonight.”

Taken aback, I asked what had she learnt? Here’s what she said: “I learnt why the theme ‘Heroes’ was chosen; it’s because we are each of us heroes in our own right. You don’t have to save lives to be a hero; you just have to make a difference to others.”

Edlyn added: “Another lesson was that even though there are problems, you just have to face the facts and deal with it. Also, if you persevere, your dream will definitely come true!!! Keep believing in yourself, never stop”.

A young child came to this conclusion after listening to the adults there. I think this is priceless; certainly she would not have got it from attending extra school classes. If a child can feel and learn all that, I know we are creating an awesome environment for ourselves, our partners, and our beloved families.

These are some of the reasons why I do MLM!

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