Mind Matters

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Mind Matters

“Mind Matters”  – by Ang Hwee Suan, ISBN 978-981-14-3821-9, December 2019, 153 pages




Thank you so much, your book is awesome and it’s inspiration to many youth like me. – Nepali girl, 22, Summited Mt. Everest May 2019.
My friend,
You have a very unique personality. You are not the kind of person I tend to come across. You are probably at the opposite end of the spectrum from me, but I can see a reflection of some part of myself and my life in your stories.With a vivid, candid and relatable writing style, you shared your innermost world of emotions at various stages of your life. Very few people have the courage to bare their souls this way, exposing their anxieties, fears, weaknesses.
At the same time, I find your writing uplifting, energizing and it helps to calm my nerves (you will find out why over the next few days).I haven’t held a physical book for some time, and I woke up at 7 am to finish it in 3h straight. I skipped my usual Sat 7 am training, and this morning’s training is supposed to be my wrap-up for 2019, with additional significance and importance. Certain things can wait; some things are not to be missed. The most resilient people are those with the fittest mind, not the strongest bodies.
So, my friend, I look forward to seeing you in your sixties and beyond. I am pretty sure you will spread greater joy and touch more lives. Well done on the book, and thanks for everything you have done for the MY group! Appreciate it. Wishing you a blessed year ahead. – Lynn Ng