Make Life Meaningful

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Make Life Meaningful

Today was one of those days when MLM – Make Life Meaningful – took on a clear perspective.

Wan Yee, a friend I met at AsiaWorks, and I had lunch in James’ home. I had spoken with her earlier last week and found out from that if she were to do MLM, her primary motivating factor would be ‘personal development’. I asked Wan Yee if she would have a conversation about how MLM could indeed be a vehicle for personal development and that was how we got together with James, my mentor.

Over lunch, a deep and meaningful conversation was brewing. It occurred to me that this was quite surreal – three people sitting together on a Saturday afternoon pondering about personal development, contribution, and growth. 

James began by asking: “How can we serve you?” Isn’t this a wonderful way to start – not wanting to take, but wanting to give? This set the context for the rest of the conversation.

We spoke about her career and family, about hope, possibilities, beauty, and music… the things that she really wanted for in life. Then, she asked James a trenchant question: “So, what have you planned for yourself for the last 40 years of your life?” James spoke about how money and success are less important at this stage. Instead, growth and contribution, leaving a legacy, were far more important. Afterwards, Wan Yee texted me: “Thanks for inviting me over today. It was a deep conversation that I felt I haven’t had for a long while.” I felt so happy.

This is how MLM can be so meaningful! I can have many such conversations to help people uncover what they find meaningful in life. In the process, some people may join me to do the business but, if not, I would have contributed to them and, I am sure, they would become my good friends.

Enrolling people, especially someone who does not have money or time as primary motivating factors, takes time because the reasons for wanting to do MLM may not be urgent. I certainly cannot do a ‘wham, bang, thank you ma’am’. That’s not our approach, I realised with a deep conviction that people will feel used! 

As I listened to the exchange between Wan Yee and James, I also realised that approaching someone from a wish to contribute is a most satisfying way of doing MLM, indeed, of living life!

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