In her hands, little becomes much

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In her hands, little becomes much

This morning, I wanted to make a light brunch for my dad.  I saw a tiny box of leftover rice in the fridge.  I took half a capsicum, a small onion, a slice of ham, a bit of steamed chicken, a sprig of spring onions, an egg and in no time, a rather large bowl of fragrant fried rice materialized.

I felt a great sense of satisfaction and wonder.  My son had always credited me with being able to ‘recycle’ food most effectively.

This morning, when I saw the dish I had created, I suddenly had a thought that one of the things I would like to see on my epitaph is this phrase: “In her hands, little becomes much.”

I would really like to be remembered for the ability to use what I have (the different bits and pieces) to create something larger and more wonderful for others.  And I think that is mastery.  Use what I have, have what I have, instead of looking for better, more, different.

This also means that I am not wasteful.  I use the little bits of leftovers to make something usable, edible instead of buying more.  I remember seeing my grandma and aunts sewing pieces of leftover cloth together to make blankets for us.  Or using scraps of cloth to make tiny bolster covers for the little ones.  Suddenly, the act of putting together that bowl of fried rice brought a rush of nostalgia as well.

More importantly, I would like it to be said of me that I build people up; that as an MLM leader, I work with who I have, the people I have the privilege to lead, until we all become much, and earn much.  Wouldn’t that be SOME legacy I leave behind?  “In her hands, little becomes much.” I like.

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