For Love or For Money?

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For Love or For Money?


I’d been watching a series of videos by Robin Sharma, an author and motivational coach. He posed a question: “When you look at the masters, do they do their work for the love of it, or for the money?”

He postulates that no Picasso or Da Vinci or Mozart, Federer or Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson ever did it for the love of money. They did what they did out of love for their craft. If they had done it for the money, they would have given up when things got too tough, when people ridiculed and attacked them. It was love that sustained them.

My thoughts turned to my own business. Then, those who say they won’t or can’t do MLM because they have no passion for such a business are right?!

I remember my early years. I can’t say I jumped into this because I loved the notion of doing MLM. I came for the money; I came to earn enough passive income to fund a more comfortable retirement. Love never came into the equation; it was a painful start, in fact.

But these days, I find myself saying: I LOVE my business.

What am I saying when I say I LOVE my business? I must borrow Robin Sharma’s words because they really hit the right note. I love it for the possibility of being able to achieve great things. I love the ride towards my goal; I love the learning along the way; I love who I am becoming every day.

I love the way people feel when they see my gifts and talents. I love the feeling when customers and partners receive the gifts of our products and services. I love how my business can fulfill my vision. I do it for the love of living my values and my dream in a world where most people either don’t know what they are living for, or are living other people’s dreams.

This is what sustained me. This is why people keep on and on in this business even before they see any money, and carry on long after they are rich and no longer need to work.

In fact, this was how my sponsor kept me alive in this business through all the dark and difficult years. He helped me to be keenly aware of the value I was getting and how that value would be multiplied.

THIS is why I love my business.

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