Financial Planning

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The company’s key activities represent solutions and opportunities presented to an ordinary family living in a globalised world today.


  • The Global Wellness business creates long-term time and financial freedom well into our retirement years. This business capitalizes on the Wellness Revolution created by the wants of “baby-boomers” who also hold much of the world’s wealth. Choosing to walk the talk and be a product of the products ensures that we continue to look good and feel good.
  • The Financial Planning perspective seeks a proactive approach: starting early to manage the Risks inherent in living in the fast-paced, uncertain 21st century, while seeking Rewards that will sustain longer life expectancies and higher costs in old age.
  • Coaching is both an art and a science that we are continually mastering to meet the needs of a changing, interconnected community that will thrive and expand when individuals are empowered to be caring leaders in their various areas of opportunity and responsibility.
  • Publishing is our solution to control the costs of presenting personal thoughts, ideas and experiences which may not otherwise see the light of day.

Financial Planning


Dr James Chia left the construction industry and joined the financial planning industry in 1996. That year he became Prudential Singapore’s top agent, an achievement he repeated in 1997. He received a Master of Science in Applied Finance from The National University of Singapore in 1999 and the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2001. He was also among the first batch of professionals to receive the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in Singapore.

Practicing comprehensive financial planning with IPP Capital Planning (subsequently IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd), James was the first and only person teaching financial planning at the Civil Service College from 1997 to 2000. In 2001, he led IPP to be the first company to get ISO 9001 certification in financial planning.

He has consulted with the following companies which are introduced for your serious consideration:

IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

Founded by Wee Tiong Howe, commonly recognized as the father of financial planning in Singapore, IPP is a leading independent financial advisory firm in Singapore. With over 400 licensed financial advisors, representing a broad range of financial products and services, IPP is known for its uncompromising integrity and professional approach to helping a wide range of clients achieve their financial dreams. Please go to for more information.

Yeoman Capital Management Pte Ltd

Founded by Yeo Seng Chong, Yeoman Capital Management is a dedicated Asia ex-Japan equities fund manager with a long track record of outperformance; (17 years at December 2014 – compounding at +13 % p.a. compared to the Index return of  +4.6% p.a. nett of all fees with dividends reinvested  in SGD terms).  It uses the value process and believes in investing through all market cycles.  Performance data, description of investment methodology, team composition and other background information may be found at