Doing MLM with Soul

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Doing MLM with Soul

A sideline has just completed a personal development course in Jakarta and she wrote about her experience and learning.  I could see how excited she was about the revelations she got about what she really wanted out of life, and what goals really mattered to her.

I congratulated this friend on being open and authentic and being able to embrace the good things that our business has to offer her!

One could do MLM without going for any personal development courses, without forming deep friendships, without much reflection or learning but ohhhh, what a huge, huge pity that would be.  It would be like “soul-less” doing of MLM.

It would also be a pity because MLM promises far, far more than just tangible monetary rewards.  This business pays in many ways; yes, there is the paycheck but I can also get health, friends, fun and transform into an amazing person.

I don’t know about you but I want ALL these rewards and more!

Ang Hwee Suan

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