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The company’s key activities represent solutions and opportunities presented to an ordinary family living in a globalised world today.


  • The Global Wellness business creates long-term time and financial freedom well into our retirement years. This business capitalizes on the Wellness Revolution created by the wants of “baby-boomers” who also hold much of the world’s wealth. Choosing to walk the talk and be a product of the products ensures that we continue to look good and feel good.
  • The Financial Planning perspective seeks a proactive approach: starting early to manage the Risks inherent in living in the fast-paced, uncertain 21st century, while seeking Rewards that will sustain longer life expectancies and higher costs in old age.
  • Coaching is both an art and a science that we are continually mastering to meet the needs of a changing, interconnected community that will thrive and expand when individuals are empowered to be caring leaders in their various areas of opportunity and responsibility.
  • Publishing is our solution to control the costs of presenting personal thoughts, ideas and experiences which may not otherwise see the light of day.



Dr James Chia has been coaching since 2003, with experience facilitating leadership programmes for AsiaWorks; through the Awesome Impact Coaching Wealth coaching programmes developed by XL Results Foundation; and using the system by Results Coaching Systems. He has coached people in senior management positions in local government and multinational corporations, as well as entrepreneurs running their own businesses.

James coaches because it helps him fulfil his life vision to create a world filled with committed, caring and courageous leaders who seek to empower others to improve lives. He also coaches because the long-term growth of his global wellness network marketing business depends on leaders being coached to be successful and then, in turn, duplicating the process by coaching others to coach others.

James specialises in high performance coaching and leadership development working primarily with professionals. His key strengths as a coach are that:

  • He cares deeply for the whole person,
  • He has huge belief in people’s greatness, and
  • He empowers people to find solutions for themselves.

He celebrates the blessings he receives as a coach in which is a collection of positive moments in his journey as a coach.

CAR Coaching

James offers a unique programme called CAR Coaching:


  • Movement from one point to another, getting somewhere
  • CAR more effective compared to motorbike/bicycle/walking
  • Bus and aeroplane cannot access small lanes, not personal
  • Most people have a CAR licence
  • Most common, practical, applicable vehicle
  • Sounds ordinary but huge variety and huge demand for it




Compelling Desire
or “Why”
specific “how”
not defined,
can be anything

These programmes are flexible and dependent on the client’s situation. James’ worldview on coaching and the techniques he uses are influenced by his broad reading, and by the following organizations which he has great respect for:

AsiaWorks Training and The Works Partnership (TWP)

James’ first experience with formal life coaching was through the personal development programmes run by AsiaWorks. He also facilitated coaching programmes with The Works Partnership.

AsiaWorks is Asia’s leading experiential training company. Founded in Hong Kong in 1993, AsiaWorks has worked in partnership with over 300 leading organizations and over 500,000 people to address personal growth, self awareness, organizational commitment, leadership, and team effectiveness. With offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, AsiaWorks offers fixed date workshops to the general public through its Public Division; highly customized training and consulting services to business, government and other organizations through its Corporate Division; youth and teacher programs through its Youth Division; and executive coaching and coach training through its Coaching Division, The Works Partnership.

AsiaWorks offers a range of active, engaging trainings and workshops that create an environment for personal discovery. They empower people to achieve significantly higher levels of achievement and fulfillment in the key areas of their life, including – career, finance, family, relationships, community, work-life balance and much more.

Please go to for more information.

The Works Partnership is a leading provider of high-impact experiential interventions and consulting services to businesses and governmental agencies worldwide. TWP assists clients to maximise the potential of their people so that they deliver outstanding results.

TWP has worked in partnership with over 300 leading organisations and over 100,000 people to further personal and organisational growth via the development of self-awareness, commitment, responsibility, leadership and team development. TWP offers services in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Leadership, Performance Coaching, Personal Effectiveness and Team Development on a global basis.

Please go to for more information.

Results Coaching Systems

James completed an Intensive Coach Training programme conducted by Results Coaching Systems a company founded by David Rock. This approach is structured and science-based. More than 6000 professionals worldwide have been trained by Results Coaching Systems. Please go to for more information.

The Visionary Network

James has participated in programmes by The Visionary Network (formerly The Evolutionary Network ) which opened his mind to new concepts of universal energy he did not learn in engineering school. This is a ‘go-with-the-flow’ approach.

Soleira Green and Jane MacAllister Dukes are the founders of The Visionary Network, a global community of visionaries, coaches, entrepreneurs, social innovators, trainers, parents, teachers with a passion for creating a vibrant new world.  They train and coach people

  • as visionary coaches & visionary entrepreneurs,
  • to unleash their unique genius,
  • to transform themselves, others and the world,
  • as consciousness creators of a vibrant world.


“Our approach is unique, using transformative energetics and a breakthrough relationship to potentiality, passionate creation and alivening power. We stand for the evolution of everything by working collaboratively, sourcefully and in connective consciousness.”

Please go to for more information.


James has greatly benefited from programmes run by MiracleLife Pte Ltd and continues to apply key ideas and benefit from the transformation he experienced.

Miranda Hung is the founder of MiracleLife, a personal development company which aims to “Create Your Heaven on Earth”. The company’s vision is to educate and heal people wholistically so that they can grow to be abundant and enlightened. This vision is realized through giving wholistic professional, personal development training and coaching in group and individual training programmes.

Please go to for more information.