ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System

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ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System

Does your hair:

  • feel stressed?
  • suffer from environmental damage?
  • suffer from UV damage?
  • suffer damage from overstyling?

If the answer is yes, then the ageLOC Nutriol scalp and hair system is for you.

This system nourishes, treats and revitalizes your scalp and hair to improve the appearance of thin, stressed hair. It supports your hair to look and feel thicker, fuller, stronger, softer and shinier.

Watch this video to see the strengthening effect of Nutriol:

What is consists of:

  1. Scalp and hair shampoo
  2. Scalp and hair conditioner
  3. Serum


Five key benefits:

 Nourishes scalp for healthier-looking hair:

  1. Promotes thicker, shinier hair
  2. Strengthens hair down to the roots
  3. Hydrates and nourishes dry, damaged and over-processed hair
  4. Provides anti-oxidant protection against damaging effects of heat, pollution and free radicals


What powers it:


  • protein blend that nourishes the scalp and promotes the appearance of stronger, thicker, healthier hair that resists breakage
  • conditioning blend that promotes soft and shiny hair
  • Vit E and other antioxidants that protect scalp and hair


  • Vit E and other antioxidants that protect scalp and hair
  • BCA that protects hair from heat and makes hair look shiner, smoother, softer


  • red clover and peptide blend that helps hair to be stronger, look thicker and fuller
  • licorice root extract blend that supports healthy follicles and hair
  • scalp and hair-loving protein blend and ageLOC blend for healthier looking hair
  • vit E and other antioxidants that protect from free radicals
  • panthenol that contributes to soft and shiny hair


How to use

See the following video:

Click on this [link] for more product information including usage instructions: