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ageLOC ME is a new approach to skin care that allows people to customise their skin care regimens, addressing their individual skin care needs and concerns, without requiring them to have technical knowledge or time-draining consultations.

This personalised skin care device dispenses five skincare products which are customised to your particular skin preferences:

  •  Three individual serums
  •  Day moisturizer
  •  Night moisturizer.

After 30 days of product experience with a reference set, you take the ageLOC ME Skin Assessment on your mobile phone answering questions about your skin care concerns, environment factors and personal preferences. This assessment will assign a customised set of products from more than 2,000 combinations, tailored specifically yo your particular needs.

You can change this combination any time your circumstances (location, season) or needs change.

Dispensing of products is touchless and therefore hygienic. More importantly, it uses each customer’s specific combination of products in combining three powerful serums to create each dose using micro-layering technology which weaves the serums into 40 layers for even distribution and which results in 3 times more absorption into skin.

The device also automatically reminds them when the products should be taken by flashing for 30 minutes or until the device dispenses the regimen, to use their night or morning regimen.




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