A strange thing is happening

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A strange thing is happening

Yesterday I spent some hours in the Nu Skin showcase doing various things.  As I looked up from my work, I saw a `strange’ phenomenon.

My business partner Ong Hok Seng was deep in discussion with a bunch of fresh faced Gen Y.  They were enthusiastic, eager, smiling; towards Hok Seng, they were respectful and attentive.  How many Gen Y would sit with a 50-something year old in this manner for hours?

Hok Seng was previously a HR director with a Japanese MNC and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army.  He started the Nu Skin business in the early 2000s and has focused full time on this business for more than a decade.

Who are these young people?  Two of the young ladies are Hok Seng’s daughters; the other is his niece.  The tanned young man is Hok Seng’s nephew who had his good friend with him.  Well-educated, fit and fabulous looking young people!

What are they doing there in the Nu Skin showcase on a Friday afternoon with ‘Uncle’ Hok Seng?

They have decided to do the Nu Skin business.  Some of them have left their budding careers to come and do MLM with Hok Seng.

How many people would ask their children, nieces and nephews to step into their shoes, walk their paths in their careers or businesses?  This rarely happens; instead, we often hear people saying they would not want their children to follow in their footsteps.

Every parent wants to give his or her children the best and would want them to succeed in life.  If MLM is not the best career path for them, would a parent want them to follow in their footsteps?

I asked myself this same question: would I invite my Ah Boy, after four years in Oxford, to join me in this business?  The answer is an unequivocal YES.  Because I know this is one of the best things he can do if he wants a meaningful life, not just a profitable career.

This ‘strange’ phenomenon of the second generation joining their parents, uncles and aunties, is not just happening in Hok Seng’s family but with a number of families in our group.  And my heart is strangely warmed as I see how the generations join hearts to make their dreams come true.

Ang Hwee Suan

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