A high touch business

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A high touch business

I love it when prospects become customers.  I love it even more when customers become friends.

I experienced this on three occasions recently.  One Sunday, I met with a customer who normally buys things online.  I needed to pass her a product she wanted urgently.  She invited me to brunch; “so seldom get to see you,” she said.  I hesitated for a bit as this was a break from my Sunday routine but quickly said yes.  She wanted me to meet with her daughter who is in her twenties.  We had a nice time chatting.  Later, she remarked to me that she thinks her daughter enjoyed talking to me!

When I first met Judy, we were complete strangers.  She has used our products for a good number of years now and although we don’t speak that often, it felt so good to know that she treated me like a friend.  Beneath Judy’s serious exterior is a very warm and caring woman and I am so fortunate to get to experience that.

Then there’s Julia, a very friendly soul.  Each time she comes to buy products, she would text me and I would make an effort to meet with her even if just to say hello.

The last time she came, the transaction took all of 5 minutes but we sat and chatted.  She told me about her previous health concerns and how she overcame them.  She ended up recommending me a health therapy.  When she left, I remember feeling as if something good had just happened.

Yesterday, Tina came to the showcase.  It was the second day of our Expo and the place was bursting with people.  It was noisy and chaotic and I was really afraid that Tina would not be able to stand that environment.  I wanted to be efficient and quick so that I could get her out of the showcase as soon as possible.

To my surprise, she wasn’t in a hurry and she very quickly got used to the noise.  Amidst the mayhem in the showcase, we talked about so many things besides the products  – China, (Tina is Chinese) the Chinese psyche, her two children, the joys and frustrations of being a mother, her health regimen now.  I talked a little about my Ah Boy; recommended her Ah Boy’s old Chinese tutor.  We talked for about an hour.

Then, Tina put in her orders, picked up her products and also took part in the lucky draw.  She won some nice prizes. J When I said goodbye to her in the car park, she looked at me in the eyes, smiled and said thank you, Hui Xuan Jie.

So what’s the point here?

The difference between buying things from an MLM distributor and from a departmental store or pharmacy is that there is that opportunity for distributor and customer to connect on a regular basis.

I realized that my customers are not just buying product; they are buying me.  They don’t come just to transact; they come to connect.  There is that opportunity to do so and I must never be in such a hurry that I simply ‘process’ their orders and don’t stop to listen and to talk.  Or assume, like I did with Tina, that they just simply want to buy and leave as soon as possible.

Sometimes, there is no need to go on and on about Product A and B.  There is every need to be interested in my customers as people, to know them and like them.  When that happens, trust kicks in.

In this high tech world, there is a place for that human touch which is still very much appreciated.  I need to remember that every time I meet with a customer, I can touch their lives and leave them in a better space.  And I too, will be touched and uplifted.

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